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Mystérieuses croix de Crozant

Autour de Crozant, dispersées entre Indre et Creuse, une cinquantaine de croix aux formes très particulières ont été redécouvertes. Elles suscitent, depuis, bien des interrogations et des inquiétudes quant à leur sauvegarde. Un colloque se tiendra début septembre à...

Les croix de Crozant à l’honneur dans “Pays du Limousin”

In issue 110 of the magazine “Pays du Limousin” you will find a feature article on the crosses of Crozant. You can buy this magazine online. Go to the Pays du Limousin website

Indre-Creuse - the mystery of the crosses of Crozant

Fifty-two crosses with very particular shapes are to be found on the border of the Indre and Creuse departments. This is a unique concentration in the world, whose origin is still unknown in 2021. If stones could talk, ...
« Les croix de type Crozant », nouvel ouvrage et exposition

Crozant-type crosses, new book and exhibition

About fifty crosses, all the same, line the hamlets around Crozant: are they found elsewhere? Who could have provided their model and decided on their location? And what were they used for? Is it possible to date them? The historian Noëlle Bertrand...

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