Cleaning work

Guarding our heritage

Les membres de l’association de sauvegarde des croix type Crozant – ASCTC – se mobilisent pour working to maintain this exceptional heritage.

Tous les ans, les croix de Crozant font l’objet d’un a follow-up et d’un soin particulier.

They are regularly maintained, cleaned and cleared of undergrowth.

Preserve the crosses of Crozant.

What are the main risks ?

      • The weakening of the rock from which they are made by the invasion of vegetation.
      • Overgrowth of vegetation which makes the crosses invisible.
      • Impacts with all types of vehicles.

You too can help us by being another pair of eyes !

During a walk or a cycle ride around Crozant in department of the Creuse, if you have come across a cross which seems to be in a bad state.

Do not hesitate to inform the members of the ASCTC !

Thanks to you they will be able to intervene quickly to better protect our heritage.

Photos of us clearing vegetation