The association

Association for safeguarding the Crozant type crosses

For several decades, local inhabitants have been concerned about the status and condition of these crosses which are carved from granite.

Many of them have deteriorated.

When they are situated on the verges of the roads the vegetation covers them therefore making them invisible to the drivers of the maintenance machines.

They are then hit, broken and weakened.


So it was necessary to act to safeguard this exceptional heritage which challenges us by its mystery.

All the crosses of Crozant have now been photographed and inventoried, geolocated, sometimes repaired and some have even reinstalled.

Under the French Law of 1901 it is compulsory to create an association in order to respond to needs not covered by other associations or by the administrations responsible for the protection of our heritage.

This is not because of a lack of interest on their parts, but because of the complexity of the situation.

These Crozant type crosses are scattered over a territory extending over 5 communes and spread over 2 departments and also 2 regions.


But there is one objective: the inscription of the crosses of Crozant on the list of Historic Monuments.

The association has called upon the help and advice of the scientific community and particularly medieval historians.

Indeed, a condition has been set by the Regional Commission of Heritage and Architecture.

For the Crozant type crosses to be registered on the list of Historic Monuments, it will be necessary to identify additional elements on their dating and their function.

Meeting of the members of the ASCTC

Association for the safeguarding of Crozant-type crosses.

Field work by members of the ASCTC

Monitoring, maintenance and restoration of Crozant-type crosses.

Presentation to the public of the actions of the ASCTC

The association shares its knowledge and raises public awareness.

The Board of Directors

The association was formed on 1 October 2019.

Its purpose is to protect and promote the Crozant type crosses.

RNA number: W232005751 - SIRET number: 894 018 977 00013

Composition of the Bureau of the Board of Directors.

(January 2021)

  • President : Jacques SAUTOT
  • Vice-president : Philippe HIROU
  • Treasurer : Micheline ANGE FLEURY
  • Deputy Treasurer : Simone GORSIC
  • Secretary : Marie-Paule CONNAN DEBUNNE
  • Deputy Secretary : Noëlle BERTRAND


Town Hall
Le Bourg
23160 Crozant
Jacques SAUTOT
09 61 61 83 64

Philippe HIROU
06 11 40 87 64

06 08 40 98 71