Cross at the access to La Brousse known as Croix Nicaud

Identity card

Inventory number: # 43

Commune : Crozant

Visibility : Cross no longer in existence

Presence of cupule : unknown

Presence in the Napoleonic map : yes

Reference in the Napoleonic map :

Dimensions* :

  • height : cm
  • length of arms : cm
  • thickness : cm

Dating ? Function ?

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This cross appears on the St-Plantaire map of 1835, on the Crozant side, with the name "Nicaud cross" and a representation of a cross pattee without a base.

* Characteristics recorded in 2013 by Noëlle BERTRAND and François TABOURDEAU

Restoration / Repairs

Date of restoration and/or repairs :

This cross has not been restored or repaired.

How it was made

Granite is ubiquitous here, it is everywhere in the fields

Each of the inventoried crosses was made by a different stonemason.

However, it seems that they all used the same model or « pattern ».

Each carver made his sculpture from some local granite stone known as a fieldstone.

Find out more with the expertise of Didier Fauguet, stone sculptor and carver.


Crozant type crosses are located between Oïl and Oc on the territory of the "croissant marchois".