Cross at the access to la Grange du Bois called Croix Blanche

Identity card

Inventory number: # 26

Commune : Crozant

Visibility : Cross visible from a public space

Presence of cupule : yes

Presence in the Napoleonic map : yes

Reference in the Napoleonic map : 1865/15

Dimensions* :

  • height : 70 cm
  • length of arms : 54 cm
  • thickness : / cm

Dating ? Function ?

To find out more, let's dig into the depths of the territory's history...



Length of the head: 28 cm.
Cupule of 4 cm in diameter and 2 cm deep.

* Characteristics recorded in 2013 by Noëlle BERTRAND and François TABOURDEAU

Restoration / Repairs

Date of restoration and/or repairs :

The Napoleonic map shows a cross on a pedestal (1865/15).

During work to bury telephone lines this cross was damaged and the two sculpted stones that accompanied it disappeared.

Reinstalled, but because its head is so little pattée, it could be excluded from the Crozant type, but it could be a question of "rectifications" following its damage.

How it was made

Granite is ubiquitous here, it is everywhere in the fields

Each of the inventoried crosses was made by a different stonemason.

However, it seems that they all used the same model or « pattern ».

Each carver made his sculpture from some local granite stone known as a fieldstone.

Find out more with the expertise of Didier Fauguet, stone sculptor and carver.


Crozant type crosses are located between Oïl and Oc on the territory of the "croissant marchois".

This cross is located in the wood behind the place called La Grange du Bois.

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