Crosses seen in Bulgaria and Romania related in shape to our 'Crozant type' crosses but all linked to graves

20 Dec 2019 | Press article

We owe the discovery of these crosses to Pierre Barbaud and his wife Mado. They made a trip to Bulgaria about ten years ago, which led them to visit the Church of the Nativity in Arbanassi.

In front of the building they were surprised to discover graves marked with an undecorated slab, but topped with crosses which they photographed.

Having worked hard on ERICA and the cataloguing all our crosses, they were extremely surprised to discover their sisters so far from the Creuse.

The journey continued, life went on and they forgot about this meeting, but one day in spring 2019 they brought out their photos and showed them to us, and we were thrilled... crosses of the same type as in Crozant, of the same size, monolithic, with the head and foot pattés and the right arms of a Latin cross, but made of limestone because that is the rock of the region. [ ... ]

Article by Liliane CHEVALLIER

published in Confluents de l’association ERICA