A collective collects information on Crozant-type crosses

16 Mar 2018 | Press article

This Friday 16 March, the association for the preservation of the Crozant type crosses is organising a meeting to better share the interest in the preservation and recognition of this heritage.

After the 2015 and 2016 exhibitions on the subject and the historical research work carried out by Noëlle Bertrand, which enabled the identification of nearly 53 low crosses (1), an association was formed. "We want to gather as many points of view as possible on this issue," explains Philippe Hirou, who also carries out identification and location activities, which is why meetings with the inhabitants of the communes where the crosses are located (2) are important in this process.

Over time, these crosses have become damaged or have disappeared. A first attempt was made a few years ago to obtain official recognition. An in-depth knowledge of this heritage should eventually allow the architects of the Buildings of France ( les architectes des bâtiments de France) and the permanent delegation of the Regional Commission for Heritage and Architecture of Indre and Creuse to be approached again.